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Study: Thousands of Bangladesh kids working 64 hours a week

DHAKA, Bangladesh –  A new study says thousands of Bangladeshi children who live in the capital's slums are working an average of 64 hours a week. The study, released Wednesday by the London-based Overseas Development Institute, says many of those...


Danish suspect in police shooting jailed for 4 weeks

COPENHAGEN, Denmark –  A 26 year-old Danish man has been jailed for four weeks on suspicion of shooting a Danish policeman in the head outside a police station in suburban Copenhagen. Prosecutor Morten Frederiksen said Wednesday the man also was...


Philippine rebels threaten to end monthslong cease-fire

MANILA, Philippines –  Philippine communist rebels have warned President Rodrigo Duterte that they may be forced to end their cease-fire and resume fighting if he does not suspend the government's counterinsurgency program and withdraw troops from...


Bangladesh court confirms death for Islamic group leader

NEW DELHI –  Bangladesh's Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld death sentences for the leader of a banned Islamic group and two of his associates found guilty in a 2004 grenade attack on a British envoy. Defense lawyers representing Mufti Abdul Hannan,...


Fine Whine: Now Trump is being attacked for ruining a woman's dating life

Donald Trump is apparently responsible for everything that goes wrong in people’s lives, including the heartbreak of psoriasis. He can even screw up your love life! We all read magazine pieces and blog posts during the campaign on couples who were...

Fox News, 05:09 in Politics

City accepting cards for Santa who was injured in plane jump

QUINCY — A Massachusetts city is accepting get-well letters for a sky-diving Santa who was injured while parachuting from a plane as part of an annual tradition known as the Santa Jump. Barry Welch, director of Quincy's Recreation Department, tells...


Man once linked to bombing to stand trial in assault case

FITCHBURG — A Massachusetts man who said a newspaper once falsely portrayed him as a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing will stand trial on a sex assault charge. The Sentinel & Enterprise reports a Fitchburg judge on Tuesday denied a motion to...

5 reasons your gums bleed when you brush

5 reasons your gums bleed when you brush

The night before a teeth cleaning, most of us like to get in there deep. We floss and brush the pants off our chompers, then spit a couple drops of blood into the sink. But here’s the thing: “Bleeding from the gums is never normal,” says periodontist...

Fox News, 05:23 in Health
10 reasons your eyes are bloodshot

10 reasons your eyes are bloodshot

Red eyes can spark a lot of annoying questions from people wondering if you’re sick, upset, or hungover. But bloodshot eyes can be caused by a bunch of different things. They’re often a sign of another problem—like dry eyes, too little sleep, or even...

Fox News, 05:23 in Health

EU fines 3 banks $520 million over market rigging

BRUSSELS –  European Union regulators have fined banks JPMorgan, HSBC and Credit Agricole a combined $520 million for colluding to manipulate the price of financial products linked to interest rates. EU antitrust Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said...

Germany: Merkel's party backs tougher rules on dual citizens

Germany: Merkel's party backs tougher rules on dual citizens

BERLIN –  Delegates from German Chancellor Angela Merkel's party have voted in favor of scrapping rules that allow the children of immigrants to be dual citizens. Until two years ago, German-born children of immigrants had to pick one nationality...


Hungary leaves anti-corruption group that criticized it

BUDAPEST, Hungary –  The Hungarian government says it is pulling out of an international initiative to promote transparency and fight corruption because of the group's unfair criticism of the country. The Hungarian Foreign Ministry says Wednesday that...

Kelsey Grammer has no interest in 'Cheers' or 'Frasier' reboots

Kelsey Grammer has no interest in 'Cheers' or 'Frasier' reboots

Sorry "Frasier" fans but Kelsey Grammer has no plans to reprise his famous role. Grammer ruled out returning for a "Frasier" or "Cheers" reboot should the opportunity arise. "No, I'm very happy with what I'm doing...


In Norway, teenager confesses to stabbing boy and teacher

COPENHAGEN, Denmark –  Police in Norway say a teenager has confessed to stabbing both a student and a kindergarten teacher walking her dog. Investigator Terje Kaddeberg Skaar says the 15-year-old Norwegian boy was held on preliminary murder charges...

Study: 'Obamacare' repeal-only would make 30M uninsured

Study: 'Obamacare' repeal-only would make 30M uninsured

WASHINGTON (AP) — Repealing President Barack Obama's health care law without a clear replacement risks making nearly 30 million people uninsured, according to a study released Wednesday. Republicans say that won't happen because they are working on...

Chron, 05:51 in Health

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