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Division of duty is the name of the brain game

Division of duty is the name of the brain game

You may be lazing by the pool after a visit or two to the swim-up bar, but parts of your brain are always on duty - ready to leap into action should a stressful event require attention. This skeleton crew of sorts is called the default-mode network....

Our body's old response to modern stress can be dangerous

Our body's old response to modern stress can be dangerous

It's 8:15 a.m., and the meeting you're supposed to be running started 15 minutes ago, and your boss would be on the phone chewing you out except that your phone has died, which is why you can't call for someone to come fix your flat tire. Here you...

Is lowering the drinking age a good idea?

Is lowering the drinking age a good idea?

It's no secret that people drink alcohol before they turn 21. Stories about binge drinking on college campuses and alcohol-fueled high school parties are as easy to find as the Facebook photos that document them. But underage drinking isn't all fun...


Don't let under-26 son go without insurance

My son graduates from USC this year. He doesn't have a job lined up with health insurance. Because he is under 26 years old, we can put him back on our employer plan, but it's almost $400 per month! I want to help our son out, but that's ridiculous....

San Diego company studies stem cell implant as a Type 1 diabetes treatment

San Diego company studies stem cell implant as a Type 1 diabetes treatment

A pouch full of brand-new cells may one day reduce the need for people with Type 1 diabetes to take daily insulin shots. ViaCyte Inc. of San Diego has already used its technique to cure diabetes in hundreds of mice, says Eugene Brandon, one of the...

The weary road to a 10K milestone

The weary road to a 10K milestone

This is all Jack LaLanne's fault. He was the epitome of pushing your body to the limit, and he inspired many to find out what they were physically capable of regardless of age. Jack's example got me thinking about testing my middle-aged body, and I've...

Elderly mother takes issue with daughter's doctorly caution

Elderly mother takes issue with daughter's doctorly caution

My mother has always had a special way of teaching me lessons, and a recent discussion about her healthcare was no exception. She knows that healthcare costs are an area of concern for our country and for her doctor-daughter. We all hear daily from...


Officers looking for 3 after chase in Liberty County

Authorities are searching for three men, each apparently with an extensive criminal background, who led deputies on a short chase in a stolen vehicle in Liberty County Friday morning. Liberty County sheriff's deputies received a call about a...

Chron, 19:48 in Regional

California's Smallest City Fights to Stay Alive Despite Rampant Corruption

A small Los Angeles suburb is fighting for its cityhood after the California Assembly voted last month to dissolve it amid allegations of rampant corruption. Vernon is the smallest city in California, with a population of 96 covering 5.2 square...

Fox News, 19:48 in Politics

California could require condoms in porn

LOS ANGELES - California workplace safety officials have drafted rules to require porn performers to use condoms and other barriers in sex scenes to prevent being infected with sexually transmitted diseases. Cal/OSHA officials provided the 17-page...


Group wants Santa Monica to ban boy circumcisions

SANTA MONICA, Calif. - There’s a campaign in Santa Monica to ban circumcisions on boys under the age of 18, even for religious reasons. The group MGM Bill wants the anti-circumcision measure on the November ballot in Santa Monica. The San Diego group...


Madoff auction slated for Miami Beach; online bidding underway

Federal officials are auctioning off possessions seized from Bernard Madoff's Palm Beach County mansion next weekend — and early online bidding has already begun. Registered bidders who go to can make an offer on...


Woodridge looking for indicted ex-cop

Woodridge officials are asking the public’s help in locating an ex-police officer charged with stealing more than $30,000 intended for a group that helps survivors of law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty. The ex-officer, Scott A....


Shakespeare Theatre’s ‘Old Times’ maintains Pinter’s exquisite tension

Do not - we repeat - do not adjust your glasses. Your ability to distinguish the figures appearing before you is just fine. It is the characters themselves who are beguilingly blurry in Harold Pinter’s “Old Times,” a play as deliciously elusive as...


Fighting subsides in Yemeni capital, but not demands for change

SANAA, Yemen Hundreds of thousands of Yemenis took to the streets Friday to reiterate their demand that President Ali Abdullah Saleh resign, but the fierce fighting that had claimed as many as 100 lives this week in the capital had largely subsided....


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