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An hour at The Wall

CLOSESkip in SkipxEmbed xShare Many of the 86 central Wisconsin Vietnam veterans who visited The Wall as part of a Never Forgotten Honor Flight went there looking for specific names. (May 2017) WASHINGTON, D.C. - The click of a cane sets a steady cadence

Usa Today, Friday, 17:56

Memorial Day: A tour of the West Point cemetery

CLOSESkip in SkipxEmbed xShare Lt. Col. David Siry leads a tour of the cemetery at the United States Military Academy at West Point, where soldiers from every war in American history rest. Buy Photo WEST POINT - "Can you tell me where Custer's...

Usa Today, Thursday, 23:16

How a tiny fiber implant is giving new hope to people with spinal cord injuries

CLOSESkip in SkipxEmbed xShare The Neuro-Spinal Scaffold was designed to be a three-dimensional bandage. TUCSON — One after another, everything cracked. First went the brick wall he never saw and the front end of the Chrysler minivan he never meant to se

Usa Today, 20 May 2017

Indiana police departments want drones. There’s just one big problem.

CLOSESkip in SkipxEmbed xShare Brandon Chordas and Shafter Baker, two deputies with the Noble County Sheriff Department, are a two-man drone team. Buy Photo Indiana's two largest police departments both want drones; one for crowd surveillance at major ga

Usa Today, 19 May 2017

Sisters' murders unsolved years after killer's DNA freed woman

CLOSESkip in SkipxEmbed xShare Ann and Cecilia Cadigan were brutally murdered on their family farm in Casco, Wis., on Nov. 16, 1991. A decade after locking up the wrong person, the real killer of the Cadigan sisters continues to elude the Kewaunee County

Usa Today, 18 May 2017

Family suffers emotional day after fatal shooting of 6-year-old Kingston Frazier

CLOSESkip in SkipxEmbed xShare Dwan Wakefield, DeAllen Washington, and Byron McBride have been arrested in the shooting death of the 6-year-old.   Ebony Archie collapsed after learning her child had been killed. Unable to stand, a family member carried h

Usa Today, 18 May 2017

Sexual abuse of Explorer Scouts has gone on for decades across the nation

CLOSESkip in SkipxEmbed xShare Learning for Life, an affiliate of Boy Scouts of America, operates the Explorer programs. It banned fraternization between Scouts and Explorer advisers and ride-alongs after midnight, but police consultants and experts on c

Usa Today, 18 May 2017

How one metro Detroit couple survived 70 years of marriage

CLOSESkip in SkipxEmbed xShare Only 1% of marriages ever make it to the 70th wedding anniversary. Sophia George, 88 and her husband Tony George, 93 talk about how they've lasted so long and they renew their vows in front of others. Buy Photo Sophia Georg

Usa Today, 15 May 2017

Stories of love and tragedy: Mother's Day at the Center for Great Expectations

CLOSESkip in SkipxEmbed xShare Two women enrolled at the Center for Great Expectations, based in Franklin Township, talk about the support they found in the programs. Take a tour of some of the rooms and facilities of the center in this video. Buy Photo

Usa Today, 13 May 2017

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