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Nintendo Switch back in stock at Best Buy today, but get there early

Days after Best Buy replenished its NES Classic Edition stock for what might be the very last time, the retailer has announced that it is bringing the Nintendo Switch back to store shelves as well on Friday, April 28th. As will likely be the case for man

Fox News, today, 14:23

'World's biggest' helium hard drive unveiled

Western Digital has launched a 12 TB helium-filled hard drive.  The new Ultrastar He12, now available, gives the San Jose, Calif.-based storage device manufacturer the 3.5-inch hard drive data capacity crown – at least for the moment. To put that into pe

Fox News, today, 13:07

NRA event: Inside the acres and acres of guns on display

More than 80,000 Americans are converging in Atlanta for the 146th NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Atlanta, Georgia that kicks off Friday. The NRA describes the event as a four-day celebration of freedom. It combines high-powered speaking events feat

Fox News, today, 12:51

Facebook and Google got hit with a $100M email scam

The US Department of Justice last month announced details of a $100 million "fraudulent email compromise scheme" against two unnamed "multinational internet companies." Now, thanks to Fortune, we know the identity of those...

Fox News, today, 11:50

Iron Man is real: British inventor builds flight suit

Richard Browning may not be the real life Tony Stark, but he has taken inspiration from the comic book character, building his own Iron Man-style suit. A British inventor and co-founder of the startup Gravity Industries, Browning showed off his suit at a

Fox News, today, 11:13

Nintendo just announced a brand new console, the 2DS XL

The future for Nintendo is the Switch, or is it? The Japanese company beat its own sales goal for the first month, they've increased production, and are now predicting 13 million units shipped by the end of the next financial year. It all looks positive,

Fox News, today, 10:22

'Outlast 2' review: Follow the light

Want a real-time test of your own morality? "Outlast 2" accomplishes that in a very frightening way. "Outlast" was released back in 2013 and with its massive success, we were given a sequel from our nightmares, even if the two...

Fox News, today, 10:10

5 of the worst tech products of all time

From Google Glass to the Apple Newton, a museum in Sweden is shining a spotlight on some of the tech sector's biggest misses.  The Museum of Failure as it's known, has products from Apple, Sony, Kodak and Google, as well as several other makers, all of w

Fox News, today, 09:21

Apple may be working on an Amazon Alexa rival

The rumors saying that Apple is working on a Siri-based Amazon Echo rival are back, with a noted insider saying that Apple is currently finalizing the design for the unnamed product. "Apple is currently finalizing designs for their Alexa...

Fox News, today, 06:03

NASA's Cassini spacecraft sends first images from Saturn rings dive

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has sent back stunning images from its historic dive between Saturn and its rings. Cassini is the first spacecraft to explore the 1,500-mile gap between Saturn and its rings. The orbiter used its dish-shaped high-gain antenna, w

Fox News, yesterday, 15:13

Microsoft Word bug let hackers have access files for months

An error in Microsoft Word let hackers have access to files for month before the tech giant eventually fixed the problem. According to a Reuters report, security researcher Ryan Hanson spotted the bug in July 2016. Microsoft was told about it in October

Fox News, yesterday, 14:21

iPhone 8 may be slower than the Samsung Galaxy S8

The iPhone 8 hasn't been announced yet, but CNET is reporting that there's already a possibility that it will have slower wireless speeds than Samsung's Galaxy S8 . The S8 packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU that can use faster data rates on the 4G spect

Fox News, yesterday, 12:35

Apple may go after Venmo, but why?

In a bid to potentially boost its Services business and strengthen its ecosystem, Apple may further strengthen its role in mobile payments, potentially going after Venmo in the process.  According to a report in Re/Code, Apple may look at having a money-

Fox News, yesterday, 12:28

Samsung smart TV flaw lets anyone hijack your set

We all know the old “it’s not a bug; it’s a feature” joke, but the observation sometimes extends to security issues. Security researchers have discovered an admittedly mild vulnerability on a Samsung Smart TV that could let an intruder access the TV set

Fox News, yesterday, 11:33

Google Home can now help you cook

Google Assistant can now lend a hand in the kitchen, assuming that's where you've placed your Google Home speaker. An update rolling out to all users this week will give the digital voice assistant access to more than 5 million recipes from Bon Appetit,

Fox News, yesterday, 10:21

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